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Putnam and Beyond (Mathematics Olympiad)

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Aproblem book at the college level. Astudy guide for the Putnam competition. Abridge between high school problem solving and mathematical research. Afriendly introduction to fundamental concepts and results. All these desires gave life to the pages that follow.

TheWilliam Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the most prestigious mathematics competition at the undergraduate level in the world. Historically, this annual event began in 1938, following a suggestion of William Lowell Putnam, who realized the merits of an intellectual intercollegiate competition. Nowadays, over 2500 students from more than 300 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada take part in it. The name Putnam has become synonymous with excellence in undergraduate mathematics.

Using the Putnam competition as a symbol, we lay the foundations of higher mathematics from a unitary, problem-based perspective. As such, Putnam and Beyond is a journey through the world of college mathematics, providing a link between the stimulating problems of the high school years and the demanding problems of scientific investigation. It gives motivated students a chance to learn concepts and acquire strategies, hone their skills and test their knowledge, seek connections, and discover real world applications. Its ultimate goal is to build the appropriate background for graduate studies, whether in mathematics or applied sciences.

A Study Guide
1. Methods of Proof
2. Algebra
3. Real Analysis
4. Geometry and Trigonometry
5. Number Theory
6. Combinatorics and Probability
Methods of Proof
Real Analysis
Geometry and Trigonometry
Number Theory
Combinatorics and Probability
Index of Notation

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 "R˘azvan Gelca"

"Titu Andreescu"

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