Monday, April 1, 2019

Speciality Pipe and Tube for Boiler and Petrochemical Plant

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Boilers play an important role in various types of plants for the power and chemical industry. With the progress of these industries, modern boilers have become larger in size and the temperature, as
well as the pressure, has increased. Therefore, the steel pipes used within them must be of a higher quality.

Chita Works is one of the world's largest specialized steel pipe mills, manufacturing high quality steel pipe for boilers and heat exchangers using integrated processes ranging from raw materials to final quality control. Using their ample knowledge and experience, JFE Steel Corporation has installed up-to-date manufacturing and inspection facilities at Chita Works. Furthermore, Chita Works includes a fully expanded research division, which is making vigorous endeavors in research and development to meet the highly sophisticated needs of the individual users.

1. Introduction
2. Chronology of Chita Works
3. Location of Chita Works
4. Tubular Products and Applications
5. Manufacturing Process and Equipment
6. Quality Assuarance System
7. Research and Development
8. Size Availability
9. Reference of Specification
10. Comparison of Specifications
11. Marking and Packaging
12. For Inquiring and Ordering

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