Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The New Penguin Dictionary of Biology (8th Edition)

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In the first major revision of this work for some years, changes were overdue to both its form and content if we were to ensure its continuance as a valuable reference book for school and undergraduate work. While remaining within the tradition set by the previous authors, we I provide more of the encyclopaedic type of entry, in particular for terms central to theory and for those describing a phenomenon or process: central to much else in the discipline. These articles and the extensive; cross-referencing of most entries will not please everyone, least of all those who consult this dictionary merely as a lexicon. For brevity’s sake we have dispensed with many definite and indefinite articles, but i have tried to keep the result grammatical.

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"M. Abercrombie"

"M. Hickman"

"M. L. Johnson"

"M. Thain"

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