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Thermodynamics Processes and Applications

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This book is intended as a reference work in thermodynamics for practicing engineers and for use as a text by undergraduate engineering students. The goal is to provide rapid access to the fundamental principles of thermodynamics and to provide an abundance of applications to practical problems. Users should have completed two years of an undergraduate program in engineering, physics, applied mathematics, or engineering technology.

The material in this book includes equations, graphs, and illustrative problems that clarify the theory and demonstrate the use of basic relations in engineering analysis and design. Key references are provided at the conclusion of each chapter to serve as a guide to further study.

Part I: Fundamentals

1. Introduction
2. Processes of an Ideal Gas
3. Ideal Processes of Real Systems
4. Work
5. Heat and the First Law
6. Entropy and the Second Law
7. Availability and Irreversibility
Part II: Applications

8. Refrigeration
9. Air-Conditioning
10. Steam Power Plants
11. Internal Combustion Engines
12. Turbomachinery
13. Gas Turbine Power Plants
14. Propulsion

 Al: Saturated Steam Tables
A2: Superheated Steam Tables
A3: Compressed Liquid Water
Bl: Properties of Refrigerant R-22
B2: Properties of Refrigerant R-134a
B3: Properties of Refrigerant R-12
C: Compressibility Factors for Nitrogen
D: Enthalpy of Air at Low Pressures
E: Enthalpy of Air at High Pressures
F: Max-well Relations

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Tempe, Arizona

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