Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Training Program on Alignment

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It is the process of positioning two (or more) machines that are coupled, so that Center lines of rotating shafts form a single line, when the machines are working at normal operating temperature.

1. What is Alignment?
2. Causes Of Misalignment
3. Effects Of Misalignment
4. Types Of Misalignment
5. Scientific Diagnosis Of Misalignment
6. Types Of Couplings
7. Flexible Coupling
8. Alignment Methods
9. Rough Alignment
10. Face & Rim Method
11. Reverse Indicator Method
12. Which Method To Be Used?
13. Combination Method
14. Alignment Tolerance
15. Disadvantages Of Dial Indicator Method
16. Soft Foot
17. Tightening Of Holding Down Bolts
18. Fixing Of Dial Gauge
19. Rules For Good Alignment
20. Laser Alignment
21. Graphical representation

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