Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Unit 30C Cell Division, Genetics, and Molecular Biology

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Cancer is a broad group of diseases associated with the uncontrolled, unregulated growth of cells.Much more active than normal cells, cancer cells divide at rates that far exceed those of the parent cells from which they arose. Cancer cells also do not mature into specific cell types, as do normal cells. Cancer cells cannot carry out some of the functions of normal cells, which in turn can seriously affect a patient’s health.

Cancer research aims at understanding how cells become cancer cells, and how they differ from normal cells. A research team at the University of Alberta, led by Dr.Mark Glover, is making significant contributions to our knowledge of one form of breast cancer. People at risk of developing this form of breast cancer have a mutation in a particular gene, which in turn directs the production of a mutant protein. Dr. Glover’s group created the first three-dimensional model of the part of this protein that is involved in cancer development. This knowledge may lead to a method to screen patients for this type of cancer early on.

1. Cell Division
2. The Basis of Heredity
3. Beyond Mendel
4. Molecular Genetics
5. Exploration: Similarities

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