Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Water hammer Calculation Excel Sheet

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What is Water Hammer ?
Water hammer is a noise that occurs in pipes when too much pressure builds up in them. So, rather than a normal flow within the pipes, the water is crashing around in them and creates a loud noise. The banging sound happens after the shut-off of a valve, which stops the water from exiting a faucet. Once the water, or other fluid, is stopped, there is a surge of pressure against the existing pipe structure.

What really happens in the pipes with too much pressure? Well, think of the water as a solid object for this example. The water is flowing through the pipes until the valve is closed. When the flow is stopped by the closure, it causes a sudden stop in velocity, and the water has nowhere to go. Remember, an object in motion stays in motion. A shockwave effect occurs, so built up pressure and suddenly halted water results in the liquid slamming against the pipes. This is the noise you hear from the disruption inside the plumbing--just like a hammer hitting another object.

In this Post we are Providing  Water Hammer Excel Calculator by which you can calculate the following parameters :-  

Design criteria :
1- water velocity in the pipe :
2- Wave velocity  :
3- Period of vibration :
4- Wave propagation :
5- Time of closure 
6- Maximum pressure variation :
7- Steady state head friction loss :

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