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2 Colloquial Russian: The next step in language learning

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Colloquial Russian 2 is intended for students who, working on their own or with a teacher, have already completed a first-level course in Russian and want to continue their study. The book starts with a revision unit which covers all the basic structures, including cases and aspects, so it is not a problem if you are a bit rusty.

The book is thematically based and draws on sources from newspapers and magazines. The aim is to provide interesting information about Russia at the same time as introducing new vocabulary and language points. It addresses some of the particular problems of learning Russian, such as memorising vocabulary, stressing words correctly and choosing the right preposition. Each unit contains a brief section in English on its theme, a dialogue, a text, usually based on a newspaper article, as well as various other written materials encountered in everyday life: advertisements, tables and graphs, questionnaires and forms to complete. The text is also illustrated by photographs. There are a variety of exercises, designed to test comprehension and practise the new language points. In the sections on word building, guidance is given on how to increase your Russian vocabulary. Key new vocabulary is given in each unit and there is a cumulative Russian–English vocabulary, including all key words, at the end of the book. The English–Russian vocabulary contains all the words needed for the English–Russian translation exercises. At the end of the book there is also a key to exercises, quick reference grammatical tables and an index of the language points covered in the course.

Unit 1: Russia and the Russian language
Unit 2: Transport
Unit 3: Tourism
Unit 4: Migration
Unit 5: Sport
Unit 6: Cultural life in Russia
Unit 7: The mass media
Unit 8: The labour market
Unit 9: Demography
Unit 10: Education
Unit 11: Russian society
Unit 12: The health service
Unit 13: Elections to the Duma
Unit 14: The Internet

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"Svetlana le Fleming"
"Susan E. Kay"

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