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Advanced Web Services (Free PDF)

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Web Service technology is undeniably the preferred delivery method for the Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) paradigm. It has evolved over the years to be a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to modern software development. Web services have gone beyond software componentization technology to embody and express the software manifestation of a general trend transforming our modern society from an industrial, production-centric economy into a digital, servicecentric economy. Web services aim to provide the missing conceptual links that unify a variety of different disciplines, such as networking, distributed systems, cloud computing, autonomic computing, data and knowledge management, knowledge-based systems, and business process management. Web services are the technological proxies of services that power much of the developed and increasingly developing economies. In this respect, Web services play a central role in enabling and sustaining the growth of service-centric economies and help modernizing organizations, companies, and institutions also from an IT perspective.

Part I: Advanced Services Engineering and Management
1. Design and Management of Web Service Transactions with Forward Recovery
2. A Generic Framework for Testing the Web Services Transactions
3. Universal Identity Management Based on Delegation in SOA
4. The Roadmap of Trust and Trust Evaluation in Web Applications and Web Services
5. Web Service-Based Trust Management in Cloud Environments
6. Web Service Contracts: Specification and Matchmaking
7. A Certification-Aware Service-Oriented Architecture
8. A Test Automation Framework for Collaborative Testing of Web Service Dynamic Compositions
9. WSDARWIN: Studying the Evolution of Web Service Systems
10. SCML: A Change Management Language for Adaptive Long Term Composed Services
11. A Semantic-Based Approach to Generate Abstract Services for Service Organization
Part II: Web Service Applications and Case Studies
12. Exploring Service Networks of Biological Processes on the Web
13. Automating Tendering Processes with Web Services: A Case Study on Building Construction Tendering in Hong Kong
14. Service Trust Management for E-Government Applications
15. Trust-Oriented Service Provider Selection in Complex Online Social Networks
16. Analyzing Web Services Networks: Theory and Practice
Part III: Novel Perspectives and Future Directions
17. Work as a Service
18. Virtualizing Software and Human for Elastic Hybrid Services
19. Realizing a Social Ecosystem of Web Services
20. ubiREST: A RESTful Service-Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking
21. Mobile Web and Cloud Services
22. TOSCA: Portable Automated Deployment and Management of Cloud Applications
23. A V-Model Approach for Business Process Requirements Elicitation in Cloud Design
24. Cloud-Based Systems Need Multi-Level Management
25. Web Services for Things

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"Athman Bouguettaya"

"Quan Z. Sheng"

"Florian Daniel"

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