Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Apache Axis2 Web Services (2nd Edition)

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SOA, in practicality web services, is becoming the enabler for application integration. Since the introduction of web services, Apache Software Foundation has played a major role and produced several good web services frameworks. This book covers the defector Java Web Service framework, also known as Apache Axis2. This book covers several important facts that you would want to know about web services and writing, from simple web services to complex web services. By the end of this book, you will have learned about Axis2, its architectures and features, writing and deploying a simple service, writing service extensions and quality of services, POJO and JAX-WS services, clusters, and secure reliable web services.

Chapter 1: Apache Web Services and Axis2
Chapter 2: Looking inside Axis2
Chapter 3: Axis 2 XML Model (AXIOM)
Chapter 4: Execution Chain
Chapter 5: Deployment Model
Chapter 6: Information Model
Chapter 7: Writing an Axis2 Service
Chapter 8: Writing an Axis2 Module
Chapter 9: The Client API
Chapter 10: Session Management
Chapter 11: Developing JAX-WS Web Services
Chapter 12: Axis2 Clustering
Chapter 13: Enterprise Integration Patterns
Chapter 14: Axis2 Advanced Features and Usage
Chapter 15: Building a Secure Reliable Web Service

Author Details
"Deepal Jayasinghe"

"Afkham Azeez"

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