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Basics of Environmental Science (2nd Edition)

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Three years have passed since the first edition of Basics of Environmental Science appeared. During this time new concerns have arisen, the controversy in Britain over the safety and desirability of genetically modified foods being the most spectacular example. At the same time, our understanding of other issues has improved as more information about them has been gathered.

Revising the book for its new edition has given me the opportunity to add more information where i is now available and to outline some of the new controversies, including that over genetically modified food. At the same time I have been able to study the whole of the text and to bring it up to date where necessary.

Basics of Environmental Science will introduce you to most of the topics included under the general heading of ‘environmental science’. In this text, these topics are arranged in six chapters: Introduction; Earth Sciences; Physical Resources; Biosphere; Biological Resources; and Environmental Management. Within these chapters, each individual topic is described in a short section. There are 62 of these sections in all, numbered in sequence. All are listed on the contents pages.

List of Figures
List of Tables
Preface to the Second Edition
How to Use This Book
1. Introduction
2. Earth Sciences
3. Physical Resources
4. Biosphere
5. Biological Resources
6. Environmental Management
End of book summary

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