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Bird Conservation: Global Evidence For The Effects of Interventions

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If you are reading this, we hope you are someone who has to make decisions about how best to support or conserve biodiversity. You might be a land manager, a conservationist in the public or private sector, a farmer, a campaigner, an advisor or consultant, a policymaker, a researcher or someone taking action to protect your own local wildlife. Our synopses summarise scientific evidence relevant to your conservation objectives and the actions you could take to achieve them.

We do not aim to make your decisions for you, but to support your decision-making by telling you what evidence there is (or isn’t) about the effects that your planned actions could have.

When decisions have to be made with particularly important consequences, we recommend carrying out a systematic review, as the latter is likely to be more comprehensive than the summary of evidence presented here. Guidance on how to carry out systematic reviews can be found from the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation at the University of Bangor.

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About the authors
1. About this book
2. Habitat protection
3. Education and awareness raising
4. Threat: Residential and commercial development
5. Threat: Agriculture
6. Threat: Energy Production and mining
7. Threat: Transportation and Service Corridors
8. Threat: Biological Resource Use
9. Threat: Human Intrusions and Disturbance
10. Threat: Natural system modifications
11. Habitat restoration and creation
12. Threat: Invasive alien and other problematic species
13. Threat: Pollution
14. Threat: Climate change, extreme weather and geological events
15. General responses to small/declining populations
16. Captive breeding, rearing and releases (ex situ conservation)

Author Details
"David R. Williams"

"Robert G. Pople"

"David A. Showler"

"Lynn V. Dicks"

"Matthew F. Child"

"Erasmus K.H.J. zu Ermgassen"

"William J. Sutherland"

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