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Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering (Free PDF)

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The field of lighting and rendering for computer graphics is a vast and extremely interesting one. Film and animation, game design, medical illustration, even set visualization for theatre—all of these require someone specialized in lighting to see a project to completion. One of the many appeals of lighting is the desire to recreate conditions found in the world around us. Our world is full of many interesting and unique environments, each with their own atmosphere and visual aesthetic. As we begin our endeavors into the field of lighting and rendering, we will take a look at three common lighting scenarios presented in computer graphics:

• Exterior environments
• Interior environments
• Lighting environments that incorporate both natural and artificial light sources (a mix of exterior and interior environments)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Color Theory and Lighting Basics in Blender
Chapter 2: Outdoor Lighting: Setting Up Our Scene
Chapter 3: Ambient Lighting Techniques in Blender
Chapter 4: Outdoor Scene: Adding Materials
Chapter 5: Indoor Lighting: Setting Up
Chapter 6: UV Mapping and Texturing
Chapter 7: Indoor Lighting: Finishing Materials
Chapter 8: Combining Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Technique
Chapter 9: Hybrid Lighting: Materials and Textures

Author Details
Aaron Powell developed a passion for computer graphics early in his high school career. Developing "stick figure animations" using the primitive drawing tools of Microsoft PowerPoint, he quickly discovered he wanted to learn about other ways of using animation, always looking to broaden his scope.

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