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Blender 3D By Example (Free PDF)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Blender! This book will guide you through the majority of the 3D tools and techniques by creating four concrete projects. Blender is a very powerful and Open Source software, that is, it is totally free. You can even sell your productions with this! This is a very good alternative to other famous 3D solutions.

One of Blender's strengths is that it can cover any multimedia productions such as animation movies, games, or commercials. Moreover, Blender is very stable, frequently updated, available anywhere around the world with an internet connection, and it is lightweight. The Blender Foundation, which is in charge of the official development of the software, often produces short films that are entirely made with Blender. The last one was the amazing film, Cosmos Laundromat, which proved us again that Blender is capable of meeting the needs of an ambitious professional production. During the production of these short films, the software evolved with new tools and optimizations.

Chapter 1: Straight into Blender!
Chapter 2: Robot Toy – Modeling of an Object
Chapter 3: Alien Character – Base Mesh Creation and Sculpting
Chapter 4: Alien Character – Creating a Proper Topology and Transferring the Sculpt Details
Chapter 5: Haunted House – Modeling of the Scene
Chapter 6: Haunted House – Putting Colors on It
Chapter 7: Haunted House – Adding Materials and Lights in Cycles
Chapter 8: Rat Cowboy – Learning To Rig a Character for Animation
Chapter 9: Rat Cowboy – Animate a Full Sequence
Chapter 10: Rat Cowboy – Rendering, Compositing, and Editing

Author Details
"Romain Caudron" is a French 2D/3D artist. He is a cofounder and CG artist of Main Digitales, a new video game studio in Montpellier in the south of France, and he specializes in virtual reality.

"Pierre-Armand Nicq" started learning how to generate 3D images with Blender 2.4x at a young age. He is really passionate about all types of multimedia creation and uses Blender for projects such as 3D images/animations and games.

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