Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Blender 3D Cookbook (Free PDF)

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This cookbook is based on the ultimate 2.7 series of Blender and illustrates the workflow to create from scratch the monster creature Gidiosaurus, a fictional humanoid biped reptilian warrior, almost 2 meters tall, with scaled skin and wearing a sort of simple medieval armor.

So, by the use of recipes in this book, we'll see all the stages that a character's creation workflow usually undergoes in a production pipeline based on the open source software Blender; starting from concept sketches used as reference templates for the modeling and sculpting; going through the re-topology, UDIM unwrapping, rigging, texturing, and shading stages; and finally ending with the lighting, the rendering of a simple walk cycle animation, and also a bit of compositing. You will find quite a lot of stuff in the industry usually solved through the use of different applications, but that can be almost completely tackled just in Blender!

Chapter 1: Modeling the Character's Base Mesh
Chapter 2: Sculpting the Character's Base Mesh
Chapter 3: Polygonal Modeling of the Character's Accessories
Chapter 4: Re-topology of the High Resolution Sculpted Character's Mesh
Chapter 5: Unwrapping the Low Resolution Mesh
Chapter 6: Rigging the Low Resolution Mesh
Chapter 7: Skinning the Low Resolution Mesh
Chapter 8: Finalizing the Model
Chapter 9: Animating the Character
Chapter 10: Creating the Textures
Chapter 11: Refining the Textures
Chapter 12: Creating the Materials in Cycles
Chapter 13: Creating the Materials in Blender Internal
Chapter 14: Lighting, Rendering, and a Little Bit of Compositing

Author Details
"Enrico Valenza", also known as "EnV" on the Web, is an Italian freelance illustrator, mainly
collaborating with publishers such as Mondadori Ragazzi and Giunti as a cover artist for sci-fi
and fantasy books.

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