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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (Free PDF)

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The electric vehicle’s time has come.

The electric vehicle (EV) movement has broadened to multiple levels of the public debate. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio have recently made movies about the need to assist the environment and how oil and energy have created the global warming problems that our world currently faces. Al Gore just won a Nobel Peace Prize for his discussion and call to action about global warming/climate change. The price of oil has recently fluctuated around $140 per barrel and $4.50 per gallon.

Well, EVs solve a lot of problems quickly. Electric vehicles bypass high energy prices. Electric cars cost pennies to charge. Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions. While they charge up on electricity from power plants, they can also charge on electricity from solar, wind, and any other renewable resource. Also, if you compare emissions from power plants for every car on the road versus gasoline emissions, electric cars are always always cleaner. In addition, as power plants get cleaner and our power plants reduce emissions, electric cars will only get cleaner.

1. Why Electric Vehicles Are Still Right for Today!
2. Electric Vehicles Save the Environment and Energy
3. Electric Vehicle History
4. The Best Electric Vehicle for You
5. Chassis and Design
6. Electric Motors
7. The Controller
8. Batteries
9. The Charger and Electrical System
10. Electric Vehicle Conversion
11. Maximize Your Electric Vehicle Enjoyment
12. Sources

Author Details
Seth Leitman (Briarcliff Manor, NY) is currently President and Managing Member of the ETS Energy Store, LLC, which sells organic, natural, and sustainable products for business and home use (from energy efficient bulbs to electric vehicle conversion referrals).

Bob Brant was the author of the first book, and some might say ahead of his time in his passion to convert to electric. The first edition of this book was published in 1993. While there have obviously been updates and technological advances since that time, many of the concepts in that first book are still in use today.

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