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Building Web Applications with ArcGIS (Free PDF)

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Building Web Applications with ArcGIS is a short book. Short books are hard to write, because I have to condense essential information into less than 150 pages. It is challenging to determine what is essential when you know a lot about a particular subject. The writer has to sacrifice of some content so that they can produce a quality title that readers can really benefit from.

ArcGIS is a suite of software, developed by Esri—Environmental Systems Research Institute. ArcGIS allows its users to view, edit, analyze, and work with geographic data. You can work with geographic data on desktop, web, or mobile. This book tackles the web development side of ArcGIS; it teaches the reader how to build web applications that can interact with ArcGIS.

I am very proud of this title. It is a special book because I have tried a new writing style I haven't used before. This is the first book I have ever written that is purely based on a real-life project. As a reader, you act like a web development company where your clients hand you their requirements. Chapter by chapter you start building the application required by the client gradually: adding functionalities, studying their feasibility, and implementing accordingly. Not only will this teach you the basics of developments for ArcGIS, but it will also relate to your real-life projects as well.

Chapter 1: The Bestaurants Project
Chapter 2: Setting Up the Basic Web Application
Chapter 3: Querying ArcGIS Services
Chapter 4: Rich Content and Mobile Integration
Chapter 5: Posting Reviews, Ratings, and Photos
Appendix: Bestaurants on ArcGIS Online

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"Hussein Nasser"

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