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Children Learning English (The Teacher Development Series)

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There is something special about writing with children. Jayne Moon's academic rigour and classroom experience inform every page of this book- but what shines through is a sense of privilege it is to participate in someone's learning at this stage in their lives. This is a practical handbook with lots of teaching suggestions - but it is also a source of inspiration.

Children Learning English will help you to:
• get insight into the special characteristics, abilities and attitudes children bring to the classroom
• think about how you can learn from children and make use of this information in planning your teaching and your work with children
• adopt ideas and frameworks for teaching English to you young learners

About the Author
The Teacher Development Series
Introduction to Chilldren learning English
Chapter 1: Children Learning English
Chapter 2: Do You Like Learning English?
Chapter 3: Are they the same?
Chapter 4: We've found our partners, Miss
Chapter 5: Who has some good news for today?
Chapter 6: Do You Need a hand?
Chapter 7: Can we do 'Poker face' again, Miss?
Chapter 8: Way did I do it like this?
Chapter 9: What's your topic?
Chapter 10: Can we make a spinner?
Chapter 11: Learning to see
Chapter 12: How can I be a better Language learner?
Epilogue Looking Forwards

Author Details
"Jayne Moon"

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