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Cities and Climate Change (Responding to an Urgent Agenda)

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Th e 5th Urban Research Symposium on Cities and Climate Change—Responding to an Urgent Agenda, held in Marseille in June 2009, sought to highlight how climate change and urbanization are converging to create one of the greatest challenges of our time. Responding to this challenge eff ectively and sustainably is a key objective for governments, authorities, institutions, and other organizations involved in urban development processes. Th e World Bank, the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and the French Development Agency were therefore particularly committed to the co-organization of the symposium.

Cities consume much of the world’s energy, and thus produce much of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Yet cities, to varying extents, are also vulnerable to climate change impacts, with poor populations facing the greatest risk. Thus, adaptation and increased resilience constitute priorities for every city, and cities have a key role to play in mitigating climate change. Climate change mitigation and adaptation in cities has emerged as a new theme on the global agenda, creating a strong desire among governments, the private sector, and the academic community worldwide to learn from experiences and good practice examples.

Chapter 1. Introduction: Cities and the Urgent Challenges of Climate Change
Chapter 2. Greenhouse Gas Emission Baselines for Global Cities and Metropolitan Regions
Chapter 3. Comparing Mitigation Policies in Five Large Cities: London, New York City, Milan,
Mexico City, and Bangkok
Chapter 4. GHG emissions, Urban Mobility, and Morphology: A Hypothesis
Chapter 5. The Role of Institutions, Governance, and Urban Planning for Mitigation and Adaptation
Chapter 6. Viral Governance and Mixed Motivations: How and Why U.S. Cities Engaged on the Climate Change Issue, 2005–2007
Chapter 7. Urban Heat Islands: Sensitivity of Urban Temperatures to Climate Change and Heat Release in Four European Cities
Chapter 8. Adapting Cities to Climate Change: Opportunities and Constraints
Chapter 9. A Conceptual and Operational Framework for Pro-poor Asset Adaptation to Urban Climate change
Chapter 10. Epilogue: Perspectives from the 5th Urban Research Symposium
Appendix. Titles and Abstracts of Papers Not Included in Full in This Volume

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"Mila Freire"

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