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Color Image and Video Enhancement (Free PDF)

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Enhancement of digital images and video sequences is the process of increasing the quality of the visual information by improving its visibility and perceptibility. Enhancement is a necessary step in image/video processing applications when the conditions under which a scene is captured result in quality degradation, e.g., increased/decreased brightness and/or contrast, distortion of colors, and introduction of noise and other artifacts such as blotches and streaks. Unfortunately, most of the traditional enhancement methods are designed for monochromatic image/video data. The multivariate nature of color image/video data presents considerable challenges for researchers and practitioners as the numerous methods developed for single channel data are often not directly applicable to multichannel data.

1. Colorimetric Characterization
2. Image Demosaicing
3. DCT-Based Color Image Denoising: Efficiency Analysis and Prediction
4. Impulsive Noise Filters for Colour Images
5. Spatial and Frequency-Based Variational Methods for Perceptually Inspired Color and Contrast Enhancement of Digital Images
6. The Color Logarithmic Image Processing (CoLIP) Antagonist Space
7. Color Management and Virtual Restoration of Artworks
8. A GPU-Accelerated Adaptive Simultaneous Dynamic Range Compression and Local Contrast Enhancement Algorithm for Real-Time Color Image Enhancement
9. Color Equalization and Retinex
10. Color Correction for Stereo and Multi-view Coding
11. Enhancement of Image Content for Observers with Colour Vision Deficiencies
12. Overview of Grayscale Image Colorization Techniques
13. Computationally Efficient Data and Application Driven Color Transforms for the Compression and Enhancement of Images and Video

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"M. Emre Celebi"

"Michela Lecca"

"Bogdan Smolka"

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