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Compilation of German-English Bilingual and German language of Study Programming

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German Language Education Learning Resources: Kindergarten to Senior 4: Compilation of German-English Bilingual and German Language of Study Programming: Annotated Bibliographies (2003-2005): A Reference for Selecting Learning Resources (June 2005) is a reference tool provided by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth to help educators select student and teacher learning resources that support Kindergarten to Senior 4 German-English bilingual and German language of study programming. The annotated bibliography describes each resource, including notes where applicable. When using this annotated bibliography to select learning and teaching resources, teachers should consider how the resources meet the learning requirements of students and the perspectives of their own student population. The bibliography is intended to be used as a reference for selecting learning resources along with the Manitoba Text Book Bureau Catalogue of Learning Resources, which includes a listing of German language educational resources, as well as ordering information and prices.

1. Acknowledgements
2. Preface
3. Introduction
4. Kindergarten to Senior 4 German Language Arts Learning Resources
5. Distributor Directory

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