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Convective Heat Transfer Solved Problems (Free PDF)

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Heat transfer is associated with flows in a wide spectrum of industrial and geophysical domains. These flows play an important role in the problems of energy and environment which represent major challenges for our society in the 21st century. Many examples may be found in energy-producing plants (nuclear power plants, thermal power stations, solar energy, etc.), in energy distribution systems (heat networks in towns, environmental buildings, etc.) and in environmental problems, such as waste-heat release into rivers or into the atmosphere. Additionally, many industrial processes use fluids for heating or cooling components of the system (heat exchangers, electric components cooling, for example). In sum, there are a wide variety of situations where fluid mechanics is associated with heat transfer in the physical phenomena or in the processes involved in industrial or environmental problems. It is also worth noting that the devices implied in the field of heat transfer have dimensions bounded by several meters, as in heat exchangers up to tenths of microns in micro heat-transfer applications which currently offer very promising perspectives.

Chapter 1. Fundamental Equations, Dimensionless Numbers
Chapter 2. Laminar Fully Developed Forced Convection in Ducts
Chapter 3. Forced Convection in Boundary Layer Flows
Chapter 4. Forced Convection Around Obstacles
Chapter 5. External Natural Convection
Chapter 6. Internal Natural Convection
Chapter 7. Turbulent Convection in Internal Wall Flows
Chapter 8. Turbulent Convection in External Wall Flows
Chapter 9. Turbulent Convection in Free Shear Flows
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