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Cyber-Space and Cyber-Security (Free PDF)

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There is an expression that is repeatedly heard: every business is a technology business. Today, we can safely rephrase it to every business is a cyber business. Indeed, practically every human activity has a cyber dimension. At work, we are in touch with our professional environment with our eyes glued to the screen and our hand glued to the mouse; at home we are similarly reaching friends. On the road, we use our #G-powered mobile phone to stay in touch, and, tired at home, we search the web to view a nice movie and relax.

Besides our physical dimension, we all now have a cyber dimension. In addition to being citizens of X or Y country, we are also citizens of cyberspace. There is no need for a physical passport in order to travel in, within, and out. Actually, it is needed and we do have one—it is our IP address—and it imprints itself in hundreds of places as our requests and replies travel in cyberspace. This is a virtual “country” with everything one may find in the physical world.

About the Author
1. Vulnerabilities in Information Systems
2. Vulnerabilities in the Organization
3. Risks in Information Systems Infrastructure
4. Secure Information Systems
5. Cybersecurity and the CIO
6. Building a Secure Organization
7. Cyberspace Intrusions
8. Cyberspace Defense
9. Cyberspace and the Law
10. Cyber Warfare and Homeland Security

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"George K. Kostopoulos"

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