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Cybersecurity Penetration Testing on the Ethereum Blockchain

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From cost inefficiency and irrelevancy in reporting to lack of resources, the traditional Penetration testing and Bug Bounties has been experiencing quite a number of problems. The existing security situation is such that companies only act when or after their systems have been hacked or only when they realize that an attempt has been made. Most companies fail to act in accordance in response to protect data because of the high cost of hiring consultant white hat hackers. In quite a number of cases, discovering a bug does not necessarily or literarily adds to the business success because emphasis is based on discovery and not solutions, based on the fact that these bounties pay in respect to the number of vulnerability found. When companies pay for bug bounties because they are unable to pay big cyber security consultants, the reported vulnerabilities are likely too expensive for them to fix, so they pay for knowledge of the existence of a problem they cannot afford to solve. This has been a bottleneck issue as so many companies keeps loosing everyday to cyber thefts and hacks. However, a final solution (in the name of BUGLAB) has surfaced to curb this challenge to the barest minimum.

BUGLAB is an Ethereum-based platform that connects companies with a global network of expert cybersecurity researchers. Buglab is a blockchain community whereby companies/firms can easily access a network of expert cyber security researchers. Due to the exorbitant cost of running cyber security penetration testing, most companies especially the small and medium enterprises are vulnerable to cyber attacks. And where the money is not necessarily an issue, getting a competent security check does not come in handy. Buglab provides upgraded cyber security penetration testers, which creates accurate analysis on the vulnerability and engenders the recommendation needed to fix the vulnerabilities. Security penetration testing is the cheapest under the Buglab platform, making way for SMEs to access competent security walls over cyber thefts.

1. Abstract
2. The Cybersecurity Market
3. Blockchain Security
4. Methods of Fighting Cyber Crime
5. Bug Bounty Programs
6. The BugLab Solution
7. Core Features of the Buglab Platform
8. Defining Requirements
9. Real-Time Reporting
10. Contest Details
11. Contest Scoring
12. Vulnerability Timestamp
13. Fix Companion
14. Money-Back Guarantee
15. Service Levels
16. Vigilante Protocol
17. Computer Emergency Response Teams
18. Assigning Pentester Status
19. The Buglab Vigilante Protocol Reserve
20. Buglab Transaction Reserve
21. The Buglab Token
22. Management Team
23. Advantages of Using the Blockchain to Reshape Pentesting
24. Legal Disclaimer

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