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Data Analysis For Network Cyber-Security (Free PDF)

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The contents of this volume are contributions from invited speakers at a workshop entitled “Data Analysis for Cyber-Security”, hosted by the University of Bristol in March 2013.We are grateful for the generous support of the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, an academic research unit of the Universisty of Bristol with interests related to cyber-security.

Cyber-security – the task of defending computers and people from electronic attack – is a pressing concern. For example, a report sponsored by the UK government in 2012 estimated the cost of cyber-attack to the UK economy as £29 billion. This cost is attributed to various types of attack, including extortion, fiscal fraud and identity theft. Notably, the largest category, intellectual property theft, accounted for around £9 billion. The scale of cyber-attack provoked the UK government to highlight cyber-security as a top priority for national security in 2013. From a UK point of view, based on recent figures, the problem is increasing: 78% of large organisations were subject to external attack in 2012, up from 73% in the previous year, while 63% of small business were subject to such attack over the same period, an increase of 41% on the previous year.

Chapter 1. Inference for Graphs and Networks: Adapting Classical Tools to Modern Data
Chapter 2. Rapid Detection of Attacks in Computer Networks by Quickest Changepoint Detection Methods
Chapter 3. Statistical Detection of Intruders Within Computer Networks Using Scan Statistics
Chapter 4. Characterizing Dynamic Group Behavior in Social Networks for Cybernetics
Chapter 5. Several Approaches for Detecting Anomalies in Network Traffic Data
Chapter 6. Monitoring a Device in a Communication Network

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"Niall Adams"

"Nicholas Heard"

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