Monday, May 20, 2019

Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows (A Practical Guide)

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Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows is about the skills you need to survive in today’s digital age. This book presents you with a wide array of methods and techniques to fight digital crime, protect your privacy, and prevent others from tracking you when you are online.

The Internet is full of risks! Cybersecurity threats and incidents have increased lately, leading to significant economic and social consequences for business organizations and individuals. We know that global mass surveillance is now a reality after the continued revelations of secret documents via WikiLeaks. We live in the golden age of government and corporate surveillance, where everyone spies on everyone else. As our society moves to become more digitally dependent and devices get increasingly connected, we are being exposed to greater cybersecurity threats, which are expected to intensify in the future.

Digital Privacy and Security Using Windows is an important tool in the arsenal of any computer user who values privacy. This book provides useful information for people who know a little about cybersecurity risks but want to know more; it teaches them in a practical way how to secure their communications and data in the virtual world through a plethora of security tools and protective measures. Professional users will also find this book useful because it will draw their attention to current and future cyber-threats and how to mitigate them properly.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Current Status of Online Privacy
Chapter 2: Essential Privacy Tip
Chapter 3: Windows Security
Chapter 4: Online Anonymity
Chapter 5: Cryptography and Secure Communication
Chapter 6: What’s Next?

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"Nihad A. Hassan"

"Rami Hijazi"

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