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DISTRIBUTED NETWORKS: Intelligence, Security, and Applications

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In the current decade, computing usage has evolved from a static activity to one that is mobile and has in fact turned out to be a de facto usage paradigm in computing. Additionally, the current and ongoing distribution of storage and processing is likely to move the computer as a stand-alone system into the background, leaving it as a mere computing device. This scenario opens the door for the consumer electronics industry with a challenge full of opportunities by replacing the disappearing computer with a new user experience through the addition of networked and ambient intelligence. Currently, in our homes and commercial places, we have started seeing a distributed network of devices that provide information and entertainment. In the near future, we will see intelligence within these devices that would enable them with communication capabilities.

Part I: Distributed Network Intelligence and Systems
1. Cooperative Regression-Based Forecasting in Distributed Traffic Networks
2. A Sensor Data Aggregation System Using Mobile Agents
3. Underlay-Aware Distributed Service Discovery Architecture with Intelligent Message Routing
4. System-Level Performance Simulation of Distributed Embedded Systems via ABSOLUT
5. Self-Organizing Maps: The Hybrid SOM–NG Algorithm
6. A Semi-Supervised and Active Learning Method for Alternatives Ranking Functions
Part II: Distributed Network Security
7. Tackling Intruders in Wireless Mesh Networks
8. Semi-Supervised Learning BitTorrent Traffic Detection
9. Developing a Content Distribution System over a Secure Peer-to-Peer Middleware
Part III: Applications and Trends in Distributed Enterprises
10. User Activity Recognition through Software Sensors
11. Multi-Agent Framework for Distributed Leasing-Based Injection Mould Remanufacturing
12. The Smart Operating Room: smartOR
13. Distributed Online Safety Monitor Based on Multi-Agent System and AADL Safety Assessment Model
14. State of the Art of Service-Level Agreements in Cloud Computing
15. Used Products Return Service Based on Ambient Recommender Systems to Promote Sustainable Choices

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