Friday, May 10, 2019

English Through Pictures (Book- 1)

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These three pocketbooks are the remarkable invention of I. A. Richards and Christine Gibson. Designed for learning English in the quickest and clearest way—through pictures— learners are invited right from the beginning to put widely useful words to work in key sentence patterns where meaning is clearly shown in pictures. Each sentence situation builds to a successful discovery of the next, while confirming mastery of the earlier steps. The simplified black and white drawings allow the learner to focus on the sentence patterns and on success in taking control of language. Comparisons of sentence situations can be made on the individual frames on a page and through a systematic building on all that has gone before.Workbooks included in Books I and II challenge and reinforce growing competencies, while at the same time providing enriched reading and writing well within the learner’s grasp.Motivation for learning comes from handling increasingly complex patterns successfully and confidently.

1. English Through Pictures Book 1
2. A First Workbook Of English
3. Answers
4. Index

Author Details
"I. A. Richards"

"Christine M. Gibson"

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