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Enterprise Cyber-security (Free PDF)

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Interest in cybersecurity is on the rise. As our world becomes more and more interconnected and more and more online, the damage cyberthreats can do to our cyberworld is increasing dramatically, day by day. For those of us old enough to remember life before personal computers—not to mention the Internet—it is staggering to consider how all of this connectivity has transformed our daily lives. Yet, as the online world developed in less than a generation, the ability to protect the online world has had even less time to develop and is still maturing.

About the Authors
Part I: The Cybersecurity Challenge
Chapter 1: Defining the Cybersecurity Challenge
Chapter 2: Meeting the Cybersecurity Challenge
Part II: A New Enterprise Cybersecurity Architecture
Chapter 3: Enterprise Cybersecurity Architecture
Chapter 4: Implementing Enterprise Cybersecurity
Chapter 5: Operating Enterprise Cybersecurity
Chapter 6: Enterprise Cybersecurity and the Cloud
Chapter 7: Enterprise Cybersecurity for Mobile and BYOD
Part III: The Art of Cyberdefense
Chapter 8: Building an Effective Defense
Chapter 9: Responding to Incidents
Chapter 10: Managing a Cybersecurity Crisis
Part IV: Enterprise Cyberdefense Assessment
Chapter 11: Assessing Enterprise Cybersecurity
Chapter 12: Measuring a Cybersecurity Program
Chapter 13: Mapping Against Cybersecurity Frameworks
Part V: Enterprise Cybersecurity Program
Chapter 14: Managing an Enterprise Cybersecurity Program
Chapter 15: Looking to the Future
Part VI: Appendices
Appendix A: Common Cyberattacks
Appendix B: Cybersecurity Frameworks
Appendix C: Enterprise Cybersecurity Capabilities
Appendix D: Sample Cybersecurity Policy
Appendix E: Cybersecurity Operational Processes
Appendix F: Object Measurement
Appendix G: Cybersecurity Capability Value Scales
Appendix H: Cybersecurity Sample Assessment
Appendix I: Network Segmentation

Author Details
"Scott E. Donaldson"

"Stanley G. Siegel"

"Chris K. Williams"

"Abdul Aslam"

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