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Essential Cybersecurity Science (Build, Test, and Evaluate Secure Systems)

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Science applies to many areas of cybersecurity, and the target audience for this book is broad and varied. This book is particularly for developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are building and evaluating cybersecurity hardware and software solutions. Among that group, it is for infosec practitioners such as forensic investigators, malware analysts, and other cybersecurity specialists who use, build, and test new tools for their daily work. Some will have programming experience, others a working knowledge of various security tools (EnCase for forensics, Wireshark for network analysis, IDA Pro for reverse engineering, and so on). The scientific method can be applied to all of these disciplines. Cybersecurity science can be applied to everyday problems, including:

• Testing for bugs in your new smartphone game
• Defending corporate security choices given a limited budget
• Convincing people that your new security product is better than the competition’
• Balancing intrusion detection accuracy and performance

1. Introduction to Cybersecurity Science'
2. Conducting Your Own Cybersecurity Experiments
3. Cybersecurity Experimentation and Test Environments
4. Software Assurance
5. Intrusion Detection and Incident Response
6. Situational Awareness and Data Analytics
7. Cryptography
8. Digital Forensics
9. Malware Analysis
10. System Security Engineering
11. Human-Computer Interaction and Usable Security
12. Visualization
A. Understanding Bad Science, Scientific Claims, and Marketing Hype''

Author Details
"Josiah Dykstra"

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