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Essential Facebook Development: Build Successful Applications for the Facebook Platform

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Currently, Facebook has more than 250 million active users and more than 350,000 active applications; both are growing rapidly. Facebook continues to roll out massive changes to its development platform, rendering previous best practices obsolete.To date, few definitive developer resources explain how to effectively use the new platform features.

However, just knowing the technical aspects of how to build a Facebook application does not guarantee that it will succeed. It is important to understand what makes applications work on Facebook, how to measure their progress, and how to make the changes that maximize their potential for success.This book is not only an up-to-date reference that discusses the latest features of the Facebook Platform, but it also addresses the entire process of creating applications from inception to deployment and beyond.

Part I: Introduction to Facebook Applications
1. Facebook Applications: The Basics
2. Making Great Applications
3. Platform Architecture Overview
4. Platform Developer Tools
5. Facebook Terms of Service and Application Programs
Part II: Developing Applications
6. The Basics of Creating Applications
7. Building the Canvas
8. Updating the Profile
9. Feed Stories, Feed Forms, and Templates
10. Publisher, Notifications, and Requests
11. FBJS, Mock AJAX, and Flash
Part III: Integrating Facebook into an External Website
12. Facebook JavaScript Client Library
13. Facebook Connect
Part IV: Post Launch
14. Measuring Application Success
15. Spreading and Monetizing Applications
16. Improving Application Performance and Workflow
Part V: Appendices
A Resources
B Beta Features

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"John Maver"

"Cappy Popp"

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