Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Facebook Application Development with Graph API Cookbook

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With a user base of nearly 800 million people, Facebook is the number one social networking platform. Applications can be created to interact with this huge user base in various ways both inside and outside Facebook. These applications, if developed effectively and efficiently, offer a free medium for promotion and publicity of a product or an organization.

This book focuses on both the concepts and implementations necessary to develop Facebook applications and provides ready-to-use code for common scenarios faced by a developer while creating these applications. It incorporates the newly launched Facebook Graph API along with Facebook Open Graph Beta and also presents the reader with some intuitive ready-to-use applications. This book guides the reader step-by-step, from start to finish, through various stages of Facebook application development.

Chapter 1: Creating a New Facebook Application
Chapter 2: Be a part of Social Graph
Chapter 3: Querying Facebook
Chapter 4: Using FB Script
Chapter 5: Expressing Yourself
Chapter 6: Bringing Facebook to your Website
Chapter 7: Connecting Websites to the Social Graph
Chapter 8: Fiddling with Virtual Currency
Chapter 9: Creating Advertisements and Analyzing Metric Data
Chapter 10: Creating Instant Applications
Chapter 11: Using Facebook Open Graph Beta

Author Details
"Shashwat Srivastava" has been an avid coder since high school and has acquired technical proficiency in various programming languages with an experience of over twelve years. He is a strong advocate of open source tools and hosts his projects at SourceForge.

"Apeksha Singh" is a software engineer and an open source hobbyist and enthusiast. She has recently graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and has extensive experience in web development and search engine optimization.

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