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Formal Methods for Web Services

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This volume presents the set of papers accompanying the lectures of the 9th International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems (SFM).

This series of schools addresses the use of formal methods in computer science as a prominent approach to the rigorous design of computer, communication, and software systems. The main aim of the SFM series is to offer a good spectrum of current research in foundations as well as applications of formal methods, which can be of help for graduate students and young researchers who intend to approach the field.

SFM 2009 was devoted to formal methods for Web services and covered several aspects including choreography, orchestration, description techniques, interaction, synthesis, composition, session types, contracts, verification, security, and performance.

1. Calculi for Service-Oriented Computing
2. Service Interaction: Patterns, Formalization, and Analysis
3. Synthesis and Composition of Web Services
4. Fundamentals of Session Types
5. Asynchronous Session Types: Exceptions and Multiparty Interactions
6. Contract-Based Discovery and Adaptation of Web Services
7. Contract-Based Discovery and Composition of Web Services
8. Quantitative Analysis of Web Services Using SRMC
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"Marco Bernardo"

"Luca Padovani"

"Gianluigi Zavattaro (Eds.)"

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