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Glass-Fish Security (Free PDF)

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We are living in a world full of dazzling wonders, and I for one always enjoy encountering them. Software development is one of the wonders that dazzles me because of its enormously vast domain, including many concerns and subjects of interest. Looking at this domain from any distance, we will see one big and sometimes blurry-edged spot named security.

Security, an orthogonal and inseparable part of software systems, is not for preventing others from accessing some information and system resources but for allowing them access in an appropriate way, by implementing necessary means to precisely check any attempt to access a resource and either allow it to go further or not and record all information related to examining this attempt for further review.

Java EE is the platform of choice for developing enormously large-scale applications, and provides plethora of features for implementing security plans for applications, starting from dealing with identity storages and identity solutions up to providing GUI-level support for security concerns and integration with other security providers.

Chapter 1: Java EE Security Model
Chapter 2: GlassFish Security Realms
Chapter 3: Designing and Developing Secure Java EE Applications
Chapter 4: Securing GlassFish Environment
Chapter 5: Securing GlassFish
Chapter 6: Introducing OpenDS: Open Source Directory Service
Chapter 7: OpenSSO, the Single sign-on Solution
Chapter 8: Securing Java EE Applications using OpenSSO
Chapter 9: Securing Web Services by OpenSSO

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"Masoud Kalali"

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