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Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching

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In this early part of the 21st century the range of technologies available for use in language learning and teaching has become very diverse and the ways that they are being used in classrooms all over the world, as illustrated in this book, have become central to language practice. We are now firmly embedded in a time when digital technologies, the focus of this book, are what Bax has referred to as ‘normalised’ (2003, 2011) in daily life in many parts of the world, although not amongst all people as there are digital divisions everywhere (Warschauer, 2003), and still not always in the world of education. However, digital tools, or what I will describe in Chapter 7 as ‘technical cultural artefacts’ have long been a feature of the world of education (Bates, 2005), and particularly language education (Salaberry, 2001). These digital tools are, of course, central in what I would argue is the established and recognised field of computer assisted language learning (CALL), but are also increasingly a core part of English language teaching (ELT) in general.

1. Emerging technologies, emerging minds: digital innovations within the primary sector Chris Pim
2. Integrating technology into secondary English language teaching Graham Stanley
3. Technology and adult language teaching Diane Slaouti, Zeynep Onat-Stelma and Gary Motteram
4. Technology-integrated English for Specific Purposes lessons: real-life language, tasks, and tools for professionals Nergiz Kern
5. English for Academic Purposes Jody Gilbert
6. A practice-based exploration of technology enhanced assessment for English language teaching Russell Stannard and Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel
7. Developing and extending our understanding of language learning and technology Gary Motteram

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