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Cyber Security: Analytics, Technology and Automation (Volume-78)

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Global cyberspace is made of complex, multi-layered information networks which encompass the communication networks of the public sector, business community, security authorities and control and monitoring systems used by industry and critical infrastructure which, by means of the Internet, create a worldwide network.

Imaginative data processing and utilization, arising from the needs of citizens and the business community, are some of the most important elements of a thriving society. Information and know-how have become key ‘commodities’ in society, and they can be utilized all the more efficiently through information technology. Different interactive electronic services are ubiquitously available, irrespective of time and place. While the public sector, the economy, the business community and citizens benefit from globally networked services, the digital IT society contains inherent vulnerabilities which can generate security risks to citizens, the business community or the vital functions of society.

Part I Cyber World Today
1. Phenomena in the Cyber World
2. Cyber World as a Social System
3. Citizens in Cyber World—Despatches from the Virtual “Clinic”
4. Powers and Fundamental Rights in Cyber Security
Part II Cyber Security Threats, Legality and Strategy
1. Coder, Hacker, Soldier, Spy
2. Cyber Warfare
3. Deception in the Cyber-World
4. Legal Framework of Cyber Security
5. Finnish Cyber Security Strategy and Implementation
Part III Cyber Security Technology
1. Clustering-Based Protocol Classification via Dimensionality Reduction
2. Timing and Side Channel Attacks
3. Knowledge Discovery from Network Logs
4. Trusted Computing and DRM
Part IV Cyber Security and Automation
1. Cyber Security and Protection of ICS Systems: An Australian Example
2. Towards Dependable Automation
3. Specialized Honeypots for SCADA Systems

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"Martti Lehto"

"Pekka NeittaanmΓ€ki"

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