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Intercultural Language Use and Language Learning

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The main purpose of the present book is to broaden the scope of research on the development of intercultural communicative competence. Bearing this purpose in mind, English learners are considered as intercultural speakers who share their interest for engaging in real life communication. According to Byram and Fleming (1998), the intercultural speaker is someone with knowledge of one or more cultures and social identities, and who enjoys discovering and maintaining relationships with people from other cultural backgrounds, although s/he has not been formally trained for that purpose.

Acknowledgements vii
1. What Is an ‘Intercultural Speaker’?
2. Linguistic Unity and Cultural Diversity in Europe: Implications for Research on English Language and Learning
3. Rethinking the Role of Communicative Competence in Language Teaching
4. Dealing with Intercultural Communicative Competence in the Foreign Language Classroom
5. A Role for English as Lingua Franca in the Foreign Language Classroom?
6. Writing-to-learn in Instructed Language Learning Contexts
7. The Acquisition of Pragmatic Competence and Multilingualism in Foreign Language Contexts
8. Interindividual Variation in Self-perceived Oral Proficiency of English L2 Users
9. Pragmatic Production of Third Language Learners: A Focus on Request External Modification Items
10. North Korean Schools in Japan: An Observation of Quasi-Native Heritage Language Use in Teaching English as a Third Language
11. Examining Mitigation in Requests: A Focus on Transcripts in ELT Coursebooks
12. The Presentation and Practice of the Communicative Act of Requesting in Textbooks: Focusing on Modifiers
13. Analysing Request Modification Devices in Films: Implications for Pragmatic Learning in Instructed Foreign Language Contexts

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"Eva Alcón Soler"
Universitat Jaume I,

"Maria Pilar Safont Jordà"
Universitat Jaume I,

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