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Learn English With Funny Conversations (Free PDF)

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this book helps you to practice your english by reading some funny conversations from my facebook page. you can learn new vocabulary and other tips about learning english from this book and have a lot of fun at the same time. i wrote it because many of the books that are available for esl students are not very much fun. by the time you finish this book, you will be much better at reading.

1. Foreword
2. Photo: What do you think about this hat? Many women have told me that I look great in it, but I'm not totally convinced. :-)
3. Advice from Joe: How can I improve my speaking ability?
4. Question: How long does getting ready in the morning take you?
5. Question: What is the most you have spent while shopping in a single store?
6. Question: Where do you think is a great place to make new friends?
7. Question: If you were in a public bathroom and you saw $100 on the floor, what would you do?
8. Question: Who would be a good person to stalk?
9. Photo: Does everyone like my new Apple iPod? It is Canadian technology. You don't have this in your countries. Hahaha
10. Advice from Joe: What can I do to improve my listening skills?
11. Question: What kind of complaints do parents usually make about their kids?
12. Question: On Friday night, what will you be doing?
13. Question: Have you ever seen really bad or dangerous driving?
14. Question: Do you think any car is better than mine, the 1998 Toyota Corolla?
15. Vocabulary (money / dollars):
16. What a lovely Christmas picture?
17. Advice from Joe: What can I do to improve my reading skills?
18. Question: Tomorrow I'm going to visit Gail's sister's family in Toronto. How should I behave?
19. Question: Did any of your rich friends ever spend money on something crazy? What did they buy?
20. Question: If you saw someone drop $1000 on the floor in a bank and no one else saw it, what would you do?
21. Photo: Were these lines in the Harry Potter movie? I can't remember
22. Advice from Joe: How can I get better at writing?
23. Question: If your girlfriend and you are shopping and she asks you if a new pair of jeans makes her butt look really big, what would you do?
24. Question: What would you do if you were in an elevator with a super model, and the elevator got stuck?
25. Question: Have you ever seen someone wearing crazy clothes?
26. Photo: What is wrong with this family?
27. Advice from Joe: What should your goals be for learning English?
28. Fill in the blanks: My favorite type of __________ is _____________.
29. Question: If the person you were going to marry kissed someone else on your wedding day, what would you do?
30. Fill in the blanks: Everyone try filling in these blanks to see who has the best
31. sentence: I wish ________ would stop ________
32. Question: When do you think it is okay to hit someone?
33. Photo: Most women say I have a cute butt. What do you think?
34. Question: What did you buy on sale last week when you went shopping?
35. Fill in the blanks: Try to think of good words to fill in the following blanks and make a fun sentence. The next time I see ________ I'm going to ________
36. Question: Who can think of some good lies to tell?
37. Question: Imagine you are on a bus and a ninja gets on and wants to fight with you. What will you do? (This happens a lot in Japan)
38. Photo: Why did this iPhone say this about my phone? Hahahaha
39. Advice from Joe: How can I be cool like you, Joe?
40. Question: After you wake up from a nightmare, what do you usually do?
41. Question: Is there anything about Canada that you love or hate?
42. Question: Do you have any bad habits?
43. Lying Practice: Can you think of any crazy lies to tell here?
44. Photo: Do I look like a great leader in this photo?
45. Advice from Joe: How can I be happy like you are all the time, Joe?
46. Survey: What is THE STUPIDEST gift to give your wife on your anniversary?
47. Lying Practice: Think up some ridiculous lies and write them here. It's a great way to get better at English.
48. Question: Can you guess what questions I was asked while going through customs at the airport today?
49. Conclusion: What have you gotten from this book?

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"Joe Crossman"
"Gail Crossman"

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