Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lecture Note On Electromagnetic Theory (3-1-0)

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Representation of vectors in Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinate system, Vector products, Coordinate transformation.

The Law of force between elementary electric Charges, Electric Field Intensity and Potential due to various charge configuration, Electric Flux density, Gauss law and its application, Application of Gauss Law to differential Volume element, Divergence Theorem. Potential Gradient, Dipole, and Energy Density in Electrostatic Field.

Current and Conductors, Continuity of Current, Conductor Properties and Boundary Conditions. The Method of Images, Nature of dielectric Materials, Boundary Conditions for Perfect Dielectric Materials Capacitance, Poisson’s & Laplace equation, Uniqueness Theorem, Analytical Solution in one dimension.- Use of MATLAB

Steady Magnetic Field: Biot Savart Law, Ampere’s Circuital Law, Stoke’s Theorem, Scalar and Vector Magnetic Potential,

Force on a moving Charge, Force on a differential Current Element, Force & Torque Magnetisation & Permeability, Magnetic Boundary Conditions, Inductance & Mutual Inductance. Time Varying Fields: Faraday’s Law, Displacement Current, Maxwell’s Equation.

Wave propagation in Free Space, Dielectric, and Good Conductor. Poynting’s Theorem and wave power, Wave polarization, Reflection and Transmission of Uniform Plane Waves at Normal & Oblique incidence, Standing Wave Ratio, Basic Wave Guide Operation and Basic Antenna Principles.

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