Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lecture Notes on Electrical Drives and Traction

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Requirements, AC and DC drives, modern trends in drives technology, Characteristics of DC, Induction and Synchronous motor drives, (starting, running, speed control, braking), size and rating of motors (short time, intermittent, continuous), Mechanical considerations (enclosure, bearing transmission of drive, through chain, pulley and gears noise).

Control for drive systems, Control of D.C, Induction, and Synchronous motor drives. Control Techniques for electric drives, Block diagram representation, transfer functions, transient response, frequency response and stability, compensating techniques.

Electric Traction: System of electric traction Mechanics of Train Movement: Speed- time, distance- time and simplified speed-time curves, Attractive effort for acceleration and propulsion, effective weight, train resistance, adhesive weight, specific energy output and consumption.

Traction Motors: Review of characteristics of different types of DC and AC motors used traction and their suitability

Rating and heating of electric drives, power loss, Heating and cooling of motors, Classes and duty and selection of motors, Drives for specific application like steel, paper, Textile Mills control of electric drives microprocessor hardware and software for drive system.

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