Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lecture Notes on EMBEDDED System, Electrical Engineering Department

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Content Covered:-
1. Draw IBM PC architecture and describe all components
2. What is difference between Microprocessor and Micro Controller.
3. Describe a CPU which does floating point calculation.
4. Describe Math coprocessor
5. Describe Graphics processor
6. Write 5 general purpose microprocessor and 5 micro controller.
7. Write a page on DSP processor
8. What is PLD and describe comercial types.
9. Write key words of C language . Give 1 line description for each.
10. Differentiate Task , process , thread.
11. Name five commercial operating system and 5 real time operating system.
12. Draw RESET curcuit for a CPU.
13. Draw all diagrams used in High level language UML.
14. What is Network Operating System ( NOS )? Give it’s seven layer OSI architecture.

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