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Lecture Notes on Power Station Engineering (Free PDF)

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Introduction to different sources of energy and general discussion on their application to generation. Hydrology: Catchments area of a reservoir and estimation of amount of water collected due to annual rainfall, flow curve and flow duration curve of a river and estimation of amount stored in a reservoir formed by a dam across the river, elementary idea about Earthen and Concrete dam,

Turbines: Operational principle of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton wheel, specific speed, work done and efficiency.

Hydro plant: - head gate, penstock, surge tank, scroll case, draft tube and tail race, classification of plants, turbines different heads, plant capacity as a base load and peak load station, power plant auxiliaries.

Thermal Power: Overall plant components in Block diagrams indicating the air circuit, coal and ash circuit, water and steam circuit, cooling water circuit; various types of steam turbines, ash and coal handling system, water tube boiler, fire tube boiler, super heater, economizer, air preheater, dustcollection, draft fans and chimney; condensers, feed water heaters, evaporate and makeup water, bleeding of steam; cooling water system; Governors, plant layout and station auxiliaries.

Nuclear Power: Introduction to fission & fusion, reactor construction, controlled chain reaction, operational control of reactors, Brief study of various types of reactors (Boiling water, pressurized water, sodium graphite, breeder) layout of nuclear power plant.

Electrical System: Different types of alternators, methods of cooling

Excitation system: - Shaft mounted D.C. Generator, elements of static and brush less excitation, field flashing.

AVR: - magnetic amplifier and thyristor converter type/DVR. Main transformer, unit transformer and station reserve transformer, commissioning tests of alternators and transformers.

Choice of size and number of generating units: Review of the terms maximum demand, load factor, diversity factor, plant capacity and use factor, load & load duration curve and their effect on the generating capacity. Reserve units (hot, cold and spinning- reserve), Effect of power-factor on the generating capacity and economy, Different types of power tariffs, Brief idea about national grid and its operational problems.

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