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Mechanical Vibrations (5th Edition)

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This book serves as an introduction to the subject of vibration engineering at the undergraduate level. Favorable reactions by professors and students to the fourth edition have encouraged me to prepare this fifth edition of the book. I have retained the style of the prior editions, presenting the theory, computational aspects, and applications of vibration in as simple a manner as possible, and emphasizing computer techniques of analysis. Expanded explanations of the fundamentals are given, emphasizing physical significance and interpretation that build upon previous experiences in undergraduate mechanics. Numerous examples and problems are used to illustrate principles and concepts.

List of Symbols
CHAPTER 1: Fundamentals of Vibration
CHAPTER 2: Free Vibration of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
CHAPTER 3: Harmonically Excited Vibration
CHAPTER 4: Vibration Under General Forcing Conditions
CHAPTER 5: Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
CHAPTER 6: Multidegree-of-Freedom Systems
CHAPTER 7: Determination of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes
CHAPTER 8: Continuous Systems
CHAPTER 9: Vibration Control
CHAPTER 10: Vibration Measurement and Applications
CHAPTER 11: Numerical Integration Methods in Vibration Analysis
CHAPTER 12: Finite Element Method
CHAPTER 13: Nonlinear Vibration
CHAPTER 14: Random Vibration
APPENDIX A. Mathematical Relationships and Material Properties
APPENDIX B. Deflection of Beams and Plates
APPENDIX C. Matrices
APPENDIX D. Laplace Transform
APPENDIX F. Introduction to MATLAB
Answers to Selected Problems

Author Details
"Singiresu S. Rao"
University of Miami

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