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Module 1 Enhancing the Self Lesson 1 RECOGNIZING ROLES IN LIFE

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You, like others, have important roles to play that make you interested in shaping yourself to become a healthy and developed young adult. Learning how to recognize and to perform your roles effectively is a good indicator that you’re a responsible individual using even your past experiences to make a difference in your life. This can enhance your understanding of the world. Somehow you have to continue finding out just what it is that fits you. So whatever it is that you do of significance, willingly and graciously, you have to prove to yourself and to others that you can excel. Try your best. Concentrate on ways to perform well. You’ll surely feel better if you do.

In this lesson you will find a poem, an informative article and tasks / activities that will build your understanding of the value of recognizing and performing roles in life, at the same time, develop your listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, grammar and literary skills. Hopefully, this can be demonstrated through a Community Services Brochure.

Charting the course of your journey in this lesson, you are expected to:
* share prior knowledge about the topic
* process information mentioned in the text you have heard
* perform tasks by following instructions
* infer thoughts, feelings and intentions in the material to view
* provide words or expressions appropriate for a given situation
* analyse literature as a means of discovering the self
* point out the distinguishing features of a poem
* determine the features of informative writing
* use the appropriate stress in delivering lines of poetry and prose
* use capitalization and punctuations correctly
* present a well prepared Community Services Brochure

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