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Non-Destructive Testing of the Graphite Core within an Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor

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The aim of this work has been to apply the techniques of non-destructive testing and evaluation to the graphite fuel channel bricks which form the core of an Advanced Gas-Cooled reactor. Two modes of graphite degradation have been studied: subsurface cracks originating from the keyway corners of the bricks and the reduction in material density caused by radiolytic oxidation.

This work has focused on electromagnetic inspection techniques. Brick cracking has been studied using a multi-frequency eddy current technique with the aim of determining quantitative information. In order to accurately control the crack dimensions this work has used radially machined slots as an analogue. Two sensor geometries were studied and it was determined that slots of at least 10 mm through-wall extent could be located.

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Copyright Statement
1. Introduction
2. Nuclear Graphite and the AGR
3. Review of MIT and Inductance Spectroscopy
4. Inpsection of AGR Brick Cracking
5. Inverse Problems and Regularisation Methods
6. Conductivity Pro ling using Impedance Spectroscopy
7. Conclusions and Future Work
8. References
A. Analytical Solution to the Axi-Symmetric Problem
B. Description of the Finite Element Model
C. Regularised Gauss-Newton Method

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