Wednesday, May 22, 2019

OAuth 2.0 Identity and Access Management Patterns

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OAuth 2.0 has become the most widely used authorization framework. From securing service APIs to providing an easy to use sign-in mechanism, it provides a protection layer for the assets of the users so that various third party applications cannot have direct access to them. From service providers such as Amazon and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to various internal enterprise solutions, OAuth 2.0 is often the authorization standard of choice.

OAuth 2.0 Identity and Access Management Patterns is a practical and informative book that will help you learn what OAuth 2.0 is, how to handle and implement various authorization flows for the chosen type of application, which security precautions to take into consideration, and so on.

Chapter 1: Need for OAuth 2.0
Chapter 2: Terms You Need To Know
Chapter 3: First Step for Your Application
Chapter 4: OAuth for Web Server Applications
Chapter 5: OAuth for Client-side Applications
Chapter 6: OAuth for Mobile Applications
Chapter 7: OAuth for Trusted Applications
Chapter 8: Security Considerations
Chapter 9: Additional Security with SAML
Chapter 10: Common Tools and Libraries
Appendix: OAuth 2.0 Resources

Author Details
"Martin Spasovski" is a software development professional involved in developing JVM-based enterprise solutions. He has been working with various back-end technologies and architectures, and with various front-end technologies (from RCP to modern JavaScript web applications), and knows how to integrate both sides well.

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