Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Open Source Identity Management Patterns and Practices Using OpenAM 10.x

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Identity Management is increasingly becoming one of the cornerstones of the Internet. As we interact with more and more systems, the burden of Identity Management continues to increase on users. And as the number of systems increase, the number of users increase, and the number of devices increase, and the complexity of Identity Management systems increases exponentially. This complexity of managing the authentication needs of multiple systems, federated identity repositories, and different users with different levels of risk require a centralized way of managing authentication and authorization.

Open Source Identity Management Patterns and Practices Using OpenAM 10.x shows how authentication and authorization can be managed using OpenAM, guiding you through the process of installing and configuring the application in a series of prototypes. Key concepts and technologies are covered giving you broad knowledge of the different areas of Identity Management, as well as specific examples of using Identity Management technologies such as OAuth and OATH.

Chapter 1: Identity Management Patterns and Principles
Chapter 2: Installing OpenAM 10.x
Chapter 3: Cross-Domain Single Sign On
Chapter 4: Distributed Authentication
Chapter 5: Application Authentication with Fedlets
Chapter 6: Implementing SAML2 Federation Patterns
Chapter 7: OAuth Authentication
Chapter 8: Two Factor Authentication
Chapter 9: Adaptive Risk Authentication

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"Waylon Kenning"

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