Wednesday, May 22, 2019

OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide (Free PDF)

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Web mapping is the process of designing, implementing, generating, and delivering maps on the World Wide Web and its products. OpenLayers is a powerful, community driven, open source, pure JavaScript web-mapping library. With it, you can easily create your own web map mashup using WMS, Google Maps, and a myriad of other map backends. Interested in knowing more about OpenLayers? This book is going to help you learn OpenLayers from scratch.

OpenLayers 2.10 Beginner's Guide will walk you through the OpenLayers library in the easiest and most efficient way possible. The core components of OpenLayers are covered in detail, with examples, structured so that you can easily refer back to them later.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with OpenLayers
Chapter 2: Squashing Bugs With Firebug
Chapter 3: The 'Layers' in OpenLayers
Chapter 4: Wrapping Our Heads Around Projections
Chapter 5: Interacting with Third Party APIs
Chapter 6: Taking Control of Controls
Chapter 7: Styling Controls
Chapter 8: Charting the Map Class
Chapter 9: Using Vector Layers
Chapter 10: Vector Layer Style Guide
Chapter 11: Making Web Map Apps
Appendix: Pop Quiz Answers

Author Details
"Erik Hazzard"

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