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Operations Research (2nd Edition)

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I started my teaching career in the year 1964. I was teaching Production Engineering subjects till 1972. In the year 1972 I have registered my name for the Industrial Engineering examination at National Institution of Industrial Engineering, Bombay. Since then, I have shifted my field for interest to Industrial Engineering subjects and started teaching related subjects. One such subject is OPERATIONS RESEARCH. After teaching these subjects till my retirement in the year 2002, it is my responsibility to help the students with a book on Operations research. The first volume of the book is LINEAR PORGRAMMING MODELS. This was published in the year 2003. Now I am giving this book OPERATIONS RESEARCH, with other chapters to students, with a hope that it will help them to understand the subject easily. I hope this will help my teacher friends to teach the subject well.

1. Historical Development
2. Linear Programming models (Resource allocation models)
3. Linear Programming models (Solution by Simplex method)
4. Linear Programming - II (Transportation Problem)
5. Linear Programming III (Assignment Model)
6. Sequencing Model
7. Replacement Model
8. Inventory Control
9. Waiting line theory or Queuing Model
10. Theory of Games or Competitive Strategies
11. Dynamic Programming
12. Decision Theory
13. Simulation
14. Introduction to Non - Linear Programming
15. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique and
Critical Path Method (PERT AND CPM)
Multiple choice question and answers

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"P. Rama Murthy"

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