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Operations Research Applications and Algorithms (4th Edition)

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In recent years, operations research software has become widely available. Its use is illustrated throughout this book. Like most tools, however, it is of little value unless the user understands its application and purpose. Users must ensure that the mathematical input accurately reflects the real-life problems to be solved and that the numerical results are correctly applied to solve them. With this in mind, this book emphasizes model formulation and model building as well as the interpretation of software output.

About the Author
1. An Introduction to Model Building
2. Basic Linear Algebra
3. Introduction to Linear Programming
4. The Simplex Algorithm and Goal Programming
5. Sensitivity Analysis: An Applied Approach
6. Sensitivity Analysis and Duality
7. Transportation, Assignment, and Transshipment Problems
8. Network Models
9. Integer Programming
10. Advanced Topics in Linear Programming
11. Nonlinear Programming
12. Review of Calculus and Probability
13. Decision Making under Uncertainty
14. Game Theory
15. Deterministic EOQ Inventory Models
16. Probabilistic Inventory Models
17. Markov Chains
18. Deterministic Dynamic Programming
19. Probabilistic Dynamic Programming
20. Queuing Theory
21. Simulation
22. Simulation with Process Model
23. Spreadsheet Simulation with the Excel Add-in @Risk
24. Forecasting Models
Appendix 1: @Risk Crib Shee
Appendix 2: Cases
Appendix 3: Answers to Selected Problems

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"Wayne L. Winston"

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